Buying a Business Thorugh AFPBB

Purchasing an existing business can be an exceptional way to start within a new industry or in fact increase turnover and financial worth of an existing entity.


When investing in such a venture though, there is definitely a great deal of things to consider before making the decision to buy.  Here at Accounting & Financial Planning Business Brokers we take great pride in knowing that we work as much for our buyers as we do for our sellers and it our proven ability to broker deal that mutually benefit both parties that has gained us such a solid reputation and trust within the financial business community.


What sets us apart from a great deal of our competitors is our experience not just in selling and brokering businesses but our hands on experience in the financial services industry. 


We strongly recommend that our buyers carry out their own extensive due diligence before completing any acquisition and gather the required evidential proof in relation to the sale.

We pride ourselves on our transparency when it comes to our business dealings and invite you to give us a call to arrange a professional, no obligation consultation where your privacy is one of our highest priorities.

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